Price Match Guarantee


Our Price Guarantee

If you find a locally stocked item in store or online that's cheaper than us we'll match it providing the following terms are met.

1) It must be stocked in NZ, this means you cannot submit a price from an overseas website and expect us to match it. You'll always find cheaper prices overseas, they don't have the GST and warranty costs we do in NZ. They also aren't as cool or as hip as us.

2) It must match brand and product, finding something else that looks the same isn't the same.

3) It can't be end of line or one offs, these are cheaper because they're discounted or they suck at selling stuff.

4) It can't be a trade quote or a wholesale quote. They're cheaper prices for a reason.

5) You've got to be able to prove it. Telling us your aunt's cousin said it was this price won't cut the mustard.

6) Bribes might work but probably not.

If in doubt flick us an email and we'll let you know what we can do.

If you require a bulk amount of products get in touch too. We're always happy to work out bulk pricing. 

These terms can and will be changed if required.