Shipping Delays

We have been advised by NZ Post that they cannot complete Auckland deliveries in their usual SLA of overnight deliveries and have told us deliveries are ranging from 5-10 working days.

Everywhere else is BAU with a possible one day delay.

We have temporarily switched to Post Haste for all Auckland Deliveries until such time we are advised that Auckland has caught up with the backlog and continued inflow of packages which at the current time is exceeding Christmas levels and rising. 

It is important that you have selected the correct shipping as Post Haste adds a huge increase in our shipping cost. If we find rural deliveries are not having the correct shipping raised you will find a follow up invoice to cover the difference. 

NZ Post will not raise a lost parcel request until at least 10 days has passed from the date it was sent, we unfortunately have no more oversight than you do to see where a parcel is but even if the package states it is at a depot and hasn't been scanned for a few days it is in the queue to be processed. 

If a package has passed the 10 working day timeframe then send us an email at or you can reply to your order confirmation email or anything else we've sent to you and we'll look into it and in most cases re-issue a new package for you.