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Overseas Pet Tag Website

How can you spot an Overseas Pet Tag Website?

As we've mentioned there's a huge amount of overseas pet tag websites trying to pass off as NZ websites. These will usually be at the top of search results or paid ads with names that include new zealand or .co.nz domains... But you guessed it they're Overseas Pet Tag Websites.

Now, we're not going to name Overseas Pet Tag Websites directly here but we're going to show you how to spot them and how to protect yourself from long shipping times and problems arising from this, yes we have had customers ordering from us who have mentioned issues with quality and shipping times, and we know how bad shipping times are... We order plenty of goodies and supplies ourselves and shipping is anywhere from 3 weeks (If you pay for the right shipping merchant) up to 3 months if at all. This is due to the international flight problem... We just don't have the flights coming in like we used to which means a lot less freight is coming in via air and a lot of the time gets routed via sea freight. 

Here is an actual tag we were sent in by a person who brought from an overseas site, after waiting two months this turned up from an Overseas Pet Tag Website

There's no real care of how it's place or sizing. What a great thing to wait two months for from Overseas Pet Tag Websites

Fake Reviews/Recommendations 

 Fake Pet Tag Reviews

Now, I'm a born and bred Cantabrian and I have never heard of anyone in Christchurch or even NZ refer to pet tags as medals so I highly doubt that anyone in NZ has given this review and if it was that good wouldn't it be 5 star? Its giving the illusion that it seems legitimate. 

Fake Vet Recommendation

A vet wouldn't have any interest in recommending pet tags. Also, what vet? Maybe we should put on our site that Queen Elizabeth II herself recommends tags for her corgis? "Purr. Meow. Woof. by Appointment to her Majesty The Queen supplies the best pet tags"... Would you believe it? Overseas Pet Tag Websites seem to think they can.


Fake Pictures:

We've seen this time and and time again on Overseas Pet Tag Websites, photoshopped pictures that show the tag in an unnatural way that you can tell by looking at it that its fake. Real photos of anodized aluminum tags are very hard to natural light photos of. There will always be a natural shine no matter which angle you try and take them. Ask me for the thousands of dud photos we have of tags, there's plenty.

The original tag photos you'll see on our site are taken in a lightbox with controlled lighting and a 10k camera setup comprising of DSLR and a polarizing lens, even then it doesn't guarantee a perfect photo as we'll show below from Overseas Pet Tag Websites


Fake photo

Taken outside apparently with no shadow?... Not possible... Unless you're an Overseas Pet Tag Website

Too much white on the text too.


fake pet tag photo

Outside with no shadow again? and while red can show a slight white colour when lasered it's not going to be that bright. 

I also noticed most these dogs are very cute and usually puppies which is consistent for Overseas Pet Tag Websites


Other things to spot:

WE'RE NUMBER ONE!!!... Typical of Overseas Pet Tag Websites

Well, to be honest anyone can claim this, and there's not really any way to verify this claim unless all of us release our data on sales publically which is never going to happen. So take it for what it is, garbage and typical of Overseas Pet Tag Websites

You'll also see promotional timers that usually run out at midnight, I'll make you a promise...they're going to reset at midnight... there's no rush.


So let's summarize Overseas Pet Tag Websites up. There are plenty of NZ Owned and operated sites and they all do great work. The easiest way to figure out if they are NZ owned is look at the contact us page, you'll usually see an overseas address or they try and mask where they are located. All trusted NZ sites will list an NZ address and local phone number if they have one.

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Share with us below if you've had issues with tags from Overseas Pet Tag Websites.

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