Cat or Kitten Size?

A question we hear a lot!

Did you know that kittens aren't considered Cats until at least one year old!

From personal experience and general sizing kitten collars are actually the correct size as used and recommended by us until at least 1 year old.

However if you do have a breed that exceeds standard sizing eg: a Maine Coon then you may find cat collars are needed from an early age.

If in doubt, measure twice order once!... Our kitten collar ranges up to 17 cm neck size, anything higher is cat size.

This can easily done by using a priece of string and then laying down next to a flat ruler which will give you a reliable sizing.

And always make sure you can always fit no more than two fingers between the skin of the neck and collar, this ensures a good fit with less change of snagging for accidental loss.

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