MAXX Medical Pet Clothing

Welcome to MAXX – The Medical Pet Care Clothing trusted by pet owners and veterinarians worldwide, and available via Purr. Meow. Woof. in New Zealand!

If you are here looking for a suitable alternative to the "cone of shame", you have come to the right place and we would be happy to advise you. MAXX is expertly designed and created for veterinary post-operative wear, as an alternative to the e-collar and "cone of shame". It has also been shown to be useful for feline and canine skin problems and allergy issues.

MAXX Pet Recovery Shirts are made using high-quality fabric to ensure safety and comfort for your pet. They are soft, breathable, hypo-allergenic, and four-way stretchable material. This allows for ultimate comfort for your furry friends, and allows for ventilation over wounds including but not limited to post-surgery, bites, bruises, spaying, neutering, and abscesses.

The MAXX Pet Recovery Shirts for dogs, cats and rabbits are recommended and widely endorsed by veterinarians, pet shops and online pet stores worldwide.

MAXX Medical Pet Care Clothing is processed at a comprehensive ‘OEKO-TEX’ certified unit fulfilling annexure XVII of REACH certification. The fabric is GOTS approved.

MAXX is trademarked worldwide and design patented.

MAXX Medical Pet Clothing For Dogs

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MAXX Medical Pet Clothing For Cats

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