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MAXX Medical Pet Clothing has landed in New Zealand!

Medical Pet suits are extremely popular overseas and are becoming more known about in New Zealand.

Owners give a sigh of relief when they're told there is an alternative to the e collar and the cone of shame.

There is already a growing number of retailers and vets in NZ who trust and use MAXX to increase revenue, increase customer satisfaction and build trust with your clients. Post Surgery & Skin Problems there's plenty of uses for MAXX. We can supply low volume units up to full range orders.

We support all clients and customers with a nationwide NZ warranty and support network. Your success is our success.

We're also happy to supply recommendations from customers, retailers and vets if required.

All retailers and vets will be added to a dedicated "Where to buy MAXX" page on our site, we know some clients will want this product as soon as possible, so why not be the place they visit to collect?

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