Where are we based?

We've been getting this question a lot so thought it was best to add some info about where we're based.

If you are checking this page to see if we're legit why not check our our Google reviews? As of 09/08/2022 we have 124 real 5 star reviews click here to see them!

You'll be happy to know we're based right here in Christchurch NZ. All the stock you see listed on our site is available here, you're not waiting for it to ship from China and everything we have here is product tested and trialed before we add it to our store.

We have been in operation since November 2020 and have thousands of pet tags all over New Zealand including Waiheke and Great Barrier Island plus customers in Australia. 

We believe that nothing should be sold that doesn't cut the mustard. We regularly discard products that after testing we don't believe should be sold or won't go the distance.

We also keep over 3500 yes that's right 3500 cat collars in stock at any time.

We don't currently operate a retail store as they're extremely expensive and that means huge markup which you end up paying. So we've made the decision to keep everything online... for now..  But what we do is something different, any product ordered before 2pm Monday to Friday is shipped the same day using an overnight courier service... even the pet tags!

Don't believe us? check our Google reviews, we're rated overall at 5 stars with plenty of comments of how fast products arrive.

And if you do have an issue let us know. We're not going to leave anyone unhappy and a few of our 5 star google reviews are from customers who have had an issue and have had it resolved quickly, remember we're customers too and firmly believe great products and a great company go hand in hand.

We pay our taxes in NZ and can supply a NZ GST number.

Have a burning question or want to speak to a real person? We got you fam. You can email us hello@pmw.nz or use the chat button at the bottom of the page to give us your contact number and we'll flick you a call.

Most emails during working hours are answered in minutes not hours or days.