About Purr. Meow. Woof.

Purr. Meow. Woof. started as an idea to bring the newest and coolest toys and accessories for cats and dogs to New Zealand. 

We are based right here in Christchurch NZ, all stock levels are real and all stock is housed with us. We don't dropship or order from China or wholesalers direct to the customer.

Because we order products directly to our Christchurch warehouse, we are able to test, try and scrutinise every product before we add to our range.

We regularly reject toys and accessories we don't believe fit in with the Kiwi lifestyle or are up to the job of keeping your pet entertained or going the distance. 

We do all our Laser Engraving in-house. This means you'll only get the best, and nothing gets sent to you until it's passed our strict quality controls. We're also happy to work with any idea you've got in mind. Send us a message with your idea. We've done some pretty cool things along the way so far!

We also reject tags that are too scratched from the warehouse and discard lasered tags that don't look right or need some fine tuning, we would rather waste a tag then send out something that isn't up to our standard.

On our site you'll see photos and videos from our pets, friends pets and happy customers who love what we do. We love nothing more than testing something new and seeing our and your pets enjoy it too.

Remember we are consumers too, so if you have an issue always remember we're here to help.

But if it's just advice you need or are looking for something special or a hard to find then please get in contact. No question is a stupid question and nothing is out of reach with our suppliers.

The humans behind Purr. Meow. Woof. are:


Hey all, I'm Regan! my background includes spending over 15 years in the sales industry from retail to merchandising to sales repping up to business development and people management. I've got a real passion for everything that I do and love exceeding expectations. You'll see this come through in everything we do at Purr. Meow. Woof. from the goods we send out to the tags I make. If I wouldn't use it or put it on my cats it doesn't leave our warehouse. 

I handle most of the day to day things at Purr. Meow Woof, so if you're emailing or messaging us or inspecting a tag you've received from us then you know it's come through myself.

I'm always happy to offer help and advice if you ever need to get in touch!


Hello! I'm Abby, and I am one half of Purr. Meow. Woof. I am the human mother to our three cats, and I have a passion for animals, and the products we sell. I often work on the back of the scene day to day, taking a lot of the photos you see on the site, and managing the social media pages.

We get a real kick out of featuring your happy pets on our site with products they love from Purr. Meow. Woof., so do send these through if you want to be featured! We are constantly updating our pages so keep an eye out for new additions soon!

Let us help you with your pet needs, we are open and friendly and approachable, and we love all pets!

The cats behind Purr. Meow. Woof.


Pumpkin, a stray who needed a home. Socially awkward but he's getting better! He will sit in the room with people, and is warming up to being petted, but does NOT like to be held or cuddled at all! 

Tuna was another unwanted stray - we found her in a pet shop while we were looking for cat food and she was perfect! We knew the minute we saw her she belonged with us. She enjoys hogging the bed on Regan's side, and enjoys belly rubs.


Sesame came to our clan after we heard there was a lack of interest in her by people looking at the litter and being the last one left. We have no idea why no one would be interested in her - she is the perfect amount of crazy and sweet. Sesame is a true lap cat and has no shame waking people up at 3am for a snack - much to Abby's dismay as it is usually her Sesame chooses to wake!

Lucky for all three cats, we treat them like they are our children. 

Retired Cat Team Members:

After 22 years of extremely faithful service from an abandoned kitten found near a river Missy retired from this world. A kitten sized cat, she may have been senile and mostly blind at the end of her reign but she was loyal until the end. She helped us shape Purr. Meow. Woof. more than we could have ever asked. She now grows raspberries for us all to enjoy and remember.