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Caterpillar Catnip Cat Toy

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Unleash the ultimate playtime experience for your cat with the Caterpillar Catnip Cat Toy. Measuring 23cm in length, this captivating toy is designed to engage your cat’s natural instincts and provide endless entertainment.

Filled with premium catnip, the Caterpillar Catnip Cat Toy will entice and excite your feline friend, encouraging playful behaviour and reducing stress. But the fun doesn't stop there! Attached to the end of the toy is a dried Silvervine nut, known for its powerful ability to stimulate cats and enhance their playtime experience.

Watch as your cat pounces, kicks, and wrestles with the colourful caterpillar, enjoying the dual sensory delight of catnip and Silvervine. This combination is sure to get your cat wound up and keep them active and happy.

Durable and enticing, the Caterpillar Catnip Cat Toy is perfect for both solo play and interactive fun. Add it to your cat's toy collection today and let the adventures begin!

Caterpillar Catnip Cat ToyCaterpillar Catnip Cat ToyCaterpillar Catnip Cat ToyCaterpillar Catnip Cat Toy