Why are Pet Tags so important?

Someone will be able to get in contact with you asap if your pet is in danger.

We also create pet tags to look great and go the distance. We discard imperfect tags and tags that just don't look right when lasered. We don't send anything out we wouldn't be proud to put on our own pets. It's as simple as that. No exceptions.

If your pooch goes for a walk someone can get in touch quickly to return them to you.

Too many dogs do not wear collars or pet tags for quick identification and end up lost or stolen.

Why not engrave your yearly council dog tag as a backup?

If your pet loses a tag or collar you're more likely to get it back if someone finds it.

Why Laser Engraved tags?

Laser precision means straight & precise lettering. Our laser is world class fibre laser and as powerful 120,000 red lasers you use to play with your cat.

Laser engraving doesn't require depth into the tag to achieve appropriate lettering.

We can customise the lettering to suit if required.

Making multiples of the same tag will not have any variation.

For our anodized aluminium tags it only removes the anodized layer and for stainless it marks the top with a lifetime marking. This cannot rust or wear off.

Also because you can attach frickin' laser beams to sharks heads!

Purr. Meow. Woof. is the only company in NZ that lasers pet tags every weekday and ships overnight Monday-Friday.

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